3D Dentistry 

We are using a customized digital dental workflow that allows us to directly communicate to our patients how their desired smile will look like at the end of their treatment. This way we can work together with our patients to achieve their ideal esthetics and there is no guessing game or any surprises.

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Downtown Dental Facilities

We like to display our philosophy in every aspect of our office. Our facilities play a big role…



Downtown Dental is a place for everyone. Just interested in regular check-ups or cleanings, a cosmetic evaluation or extensive work that requires restorative and surgical specialists? It’s all here under one roof. 

We will make you as comfortable as possible in our facilities and you will feel relaxed and at ease with our friendly staff and skillful doctors. 

We use state of the art technology to achieve optimal dental care by our specialized team of dental providers to reach the level of quality we strive for and you deserve.

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