Digital Dentistry at Downtown Dental - The Technology We Use In Our Office

At #DowntownDental, we're proud to be a part of the new era of #DigitalDentistry! 🦷⁣🌿⁣ We use state-of-the-art technology in our office to achieve the highest quality dental care. 

See that machine above? We use that guy to take 3-D images of the skull for surgeries, implant placements, and more!⁣ This machine allows us to perform dentistry procedures with a VERY high level of precision. 

⁣Another piece of technology we’re constantly using in our office is our Sprintray 3-D printer. We use our 3D printer to manufacture custom dental parts or to show design suggestions for new smiles, with speed and accuracy to meet the growing demands of our patients. ⁣The flexibility and customization that this type of technology offers us is unparalleled, and invigorates our dental practice! We’re able to print many oral applications right in our office during working hours, giving us the freedom to iterate and offer our patients better treatment while drastically reducing the time! ⁣

We use a customized digital dental workflow in our office that allows us to directly communicate to our patients how their desired smile will look like at the end of their treatment. This gives us the ability to work together with our patients present in the chair, so they can be an active participant in their very own restoration, a process that wouldn’t be possible without the state-of-the-art technology we use in 3D Dentistry!! The steps of conducting Esthetic, (Aesthetic), and Cosmetic Dentistry workups include: scanning a patient, designing the new smile and then getting input from our patient after we 3D print our design. This technology allows us to show our patients in a “try-out” session how the 3-D print would improve their smile, which requires NO preparation of their teeth!! After that, we can modify their smile to their liking. Without this technology, we wouldn’t be able to perform cosmetic and esthetic dentistry at such a high level. Intra-oral scanning and 3-D printing gives our patients the best quality results so we can help them achieve the beautiful and natural smiles they desire.

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