Surprising Things That Can Stain Your Teeth This Summer

Surprising Things That Can Stain Your Teeth This Summer

Ahhhh, Summer. A time where you can spend most days outdoors enjoying the sun and all the fun activities that come along with the rise in temperature. Unfortunately, many of those summer fun treats can put you at risk for staining your teeth. Read below to find out some surprising things that can stain your teeth this summer!

1. The Pool

As the temperature rises, so does the urge to dive into a refreshing pool. But, be careful! Whether you’re at a friends pool or public pool, your teeth may be at risk. Some pools contain chemically treated water, which cause your salivary proteins to break down at a more rapid speed than normal, forming deposits on your teeth. This can lead to brownish stains on your front teeth!

2. Lemonade 

What’s just as refreshing as a cold pool on a hot summer’s day? A cold glass of lemonade. While your grandma’s homemade lemonade is hard to pass up, this acidic drink should be enjoyed in moderation. The acid in this tasty beverage can wear down your enamel, exposing dentin, a yellow-tinted layer under your enamel! If you can’t resist, brushing your teeth right after can help. 

3. Popsicles 

Labor Day is around the corner and so are those red, white, and blue icy treats! If a treat is turning your tongue blue, it’s probably putting your teeth at risk for long-term staining. Try choosing healthier popsicles to avoid sugar build-up and bacteria growth. 

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